Latin Mass Auckland

5th Jan, Vigil of Epiphany, Blessing of Epiphany Water. 7pm followers by Low Mass. Please bring your own water container with a LARGE opening

6th Jan Feast of Epiphany, 7pm Sung Mass

COVID-19 Alert Level ORANGE

🚦 The “Traffic Light” Arrangements 🚦
St Anne’s Chapel will NOT be using the “Vaccine Pass”. Therefore, there will be no “Vaccinated only” Mass in the Latin Mass Chaplaincy. If you would like to attend such a Mass, please contact your local diocesan parish for information.
To satisfy the Ministry of Health guidelines during alert level “Orange”

  • St Anne’s Chapel will be open to the public, but all visitors MUST make sure they sign in or record their visit using the QR code. This must be done on every visit. If you are writing your details, you must use the paper slips and box provided.
  • All visitors must make use of the hand sanitising materials provided.
  • All visitors must have a mask.
  • The maximum capacity inside St Anne’s Chapel and Mt St Mary’s Chapel is 50 people following the social distancing rules.
  • During Mass, the elderly will have priority to be inside the chapel. If you are asked to leave the chapel (by one of the ushers) to make space for people who are more in need, please follow the instructions. Hopefully, charity will prevail.
  • If you are attending by standing outside the chapel during Mass, please keep social distance rules.
  • Confession will follow the normal daily pre-covid schedule and communion will be given DURING Mass.
  • If you are near the chapel and also watching the livestream during Mass, please use headphones. The livestream has a 1 minute delay and it is distracting for people around you.
  • Please follow the instructions from the ushers in the high-viz vests at all times.
    – If you are feeling sick or showing ANY signs of illness, stay at home and/or get a test.
    – We all know that there is covid in the community. We all know it is going to spread. What we must try to avoid at all costs is our community becoming a spreader. So, let’s do our best to follow the rules, be patient with each other and please respect the requests of the volunteers in the high-viz jackets. They are not doing their job for fun.
  • The Mass timetable during “orange”
    – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 7am, Thursday 7pm
    at St Anne’s, Te Atatū Sth.
    – Friday 7pm at Mt St Mary’s Chapel.
    – Saturday 8am at St Anne’s
    – Sunday 7:00am Low, 9:30am Sung

With the invitation of Most. Rev. Bishop Patrick Dunn, DD, The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP) has been serving the Latin Mass Community in Auckland since 2016 throughout the Catholic Diocese of Auckland.

Here is the list of Latin Masses offered by The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter in the Diocese of Auckland:

  • St Anne’s Chapel, Te Atatu South
  • St Paul’s College Chapel, Ponsonby
  • Mt St Mary’s Chapel, Titirangi
  • The Holy Name of Mary, Hikurangi

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