Latest News Update

Sunday 31st May, 2020

As of today, Sunday 31st May we are 99% sure that next Sunday our two morning Masses will be held at St Paul’s College Chapel, 181 Richmond Rd, Ponsonby. The floor of the chapel was undergoing varnishing and is supposed to be ready by next weekend. We should know this for sure early next week and will post an update on our website.

Due to government requirements for spacing and numbers, and the size of our two chapels, the offer of using St Paul’s Chapel (which seats 250) is too good to refuse. For this reason, we will be using St Paul’s for all of the Sundays in June for the 8am Low Mass and 10am Sung Mass. The 5pm Masses will be at Mount St Mary’s Chapel except for the 4th Sunday which will be in The Holy Name of Mary in Hikurangi.

Important points about St Paul’s College Chapel ;

Parking for the elderly or infirm is at 181 Richmond Rd, and should be up to 10 cars immediately outside the chapel doors. There is a lot of parking on the outdoor school basketball courts, the entrance of which is at the end of Moira St. To get to Moira St, you need to turn into Mokau St, 300m down the hill from St Paul’s, then right onto Moira St.

  • There are confessionals at St Paul’s and we will be utilising them.
  • There is also a cry room for babies
  • There is a large choir loft also

If you are following the daily Masses on we thank you for your “attendance”. There are some however, who do not have a Missal with which to follow the prayers of the Mass. If you open the website you can scroll down to “Missal” and click that option. (or click here) As that site is based in the US (and they are a day behind NZ) the text which comes up will be the Mass for yesterday. So, at the top of the page, under the words “Sancta Missa” there is a small box with the date on it. To the right of the date box, you will see a downward arrow, then a small box and an upward arrow. By clicking on the upward arrow you will change the date to the next day, then refresh the page by clicking the small box in between the two arrows. Now you will get the current text for the entire Mass in Latin and English.