Auckland Latin Mass Chaplaincy Choir

The Auckland Latin Mass Chaplaincy Choir gathered a group of talented musicians (both men and women) from the chaplaincy to bring greater glory to God with our voices. As a Catholic choir for the Traditional Latin Mass, the focus of the choir is primarily on the singing of Gregorian chants during the Sacred Liturgy. As His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI wrote,

In the West, in the form of Gregorian chant, the inherited tradition of psalm-singing was developed to a new sublimity and purity, which set a permanent standard for sacred music, music for the liturgy of the Church.

The Spirit of Liturgy – Pope Benedict XVI

On top of Gregorian Chants, our Sacred Music Program carries on the sacred liturgical traditions of sacred polyphonies from classical Catholic composers such as William Byrd, Palestrina and Victoria to more modern Catholic composers such as Rev. Carlos Rossini (USA) , Kevin Allen (USA) and Ronan Rielly (Australia) during the Holy Mass.

Sacred music, being a complementary part of the solemn liturgy, participates in the general scope of the liturgy, which is the glory of God and the sanctification and edification of the faithful. It contributes to the decorum and the splendour of the ecclesiastical ceremonies, and since its principal office is to clothe with suitable melody the liturgical text proposed for the understanding of the faithful, its proper aim is to add greater efficacy to the text, in order that through it the faithful may be the more easily moved to devotion and better disposed for the reception of the fruits of grace belonging to the celebration of the most holy mysteries.

Motu Proprio – Pope Pius X

The choir practices weekly on Thursday night and extra practices may be called if the choir is preparing for a Solemn Feast or events.

Latin Mass Chaplaincy Catholic Choir Auckland.
Ordination of Fr. Boyce 2021

The choir sings in the 9 am Sung Mass in St. Paul’s College Chapel every Sunday and on selected Solemn Feasts throughout the year.

To promote the Sacred Music traditions of the Church to our next generation, during the Sunday Sung Mass, younglings of the chaplaincy are more than welcome to come to sit with the choir and sing along with the choir during the Kyriale and hymns.

Being in a church choir is both a privilege and a calling from the almighty God. If you are interested in joining the chaplaincy choir please contact the Choirmaster Peter Yung, [email protected].

If you would like the choir to sing in your upcoming wedding (both Traditional Roman Rite or Novus Ordo) or would like to have the choir sing at a funeral (Traditional Roman Rite only). Please contact Peter Yung, [email protected].
* Subject to choir availability.

May our voices be united with the choir of angels in heaven and all the saints, give glory to God who reigneth forever and ever.

Peter Yung, K.H.S.
Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
BSc(Hons), BTh, GradDipTchg

We are now registered as a charitable trust – Auckland Latin Mass Choir Trust (CC60759) –.
Please contact Peter if you would like to make a one-off donation or regular donations towards the choir development fund.

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