St. Maximilian Kolbe Guild

This is a call to arms for the war to defend Holy Mother, the Church, and to assist the growth of the Latin Mass Chaplaincy here in Auckland. We are looking for people who are interested to joining to take a stand against the difficulty of the fallen human condition and build up community through fraternal charity, comradeship, and various projects.

May our patron, St. Maximilian Kolbe, watch over us from above and protect us in all our work.

Our Coat of Arms

On the left, we adapted the logo of the Priestly Fraternity (with the key of St Peter vertically inverted)
The three drops of water represent the sweat and tears of our good works on earth.
On the right, the red background represents the blood of the martyrs and the triumph of Christ.
The three lions represent the three offices of Christ which our members try to live out in our daily lives, and these are:

Christ the High Priest – members are called to live out their life as a sacrifice to others through our actions and unite them to the Sacrifice on the Cross.

Christ the Prophet – members are called to live out their life imitating our Lord Jesus Christ as an example for others (especially our family members).

Christ the King – members are called to live out their baptismal royal priesthood, to lead by example and fight against earthly temptations.