Inviting all church musicians to join us for this action-packed weekend conference to celebrate the musical treasure of the Catholic Church.

All welcome!

Inspirational Talks | Workshops | Singing Sessions | Q&A Panels

This free weekend conference is aimed at helping and giving tools to anyone involved in the music ministry at your local parish, school, chaplaincy or youth groups.

Whether you are a singer, an organist or someone who wants to be involved in the music ministry, simply come with an open heart and be ready to be submerged into the heavenly sounds that the Catholic Church offers.

If you are interested to learn more about the Sacred Music of the Catholic Church, this weekend is for you!

This weekend conference is FREE!

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It is Right and Just
The Virtue of Magnanimity in Liturgies

The Centrality of Psalms in Liturgical Prayer
Shepherd David, the Harp & King Saul

Why we sing What we sing?
Discerning Music for Liturgy – Speakers Panel

The Octoechos
History and Meaning of the Gregorian Modes

The Heavenly Banquet
Festivals in the Life of the Church

Workshop Options

How to build up a Volunteer Choir?
From recruitment to repertoire

How to sing & pray Gregorian Chant?
A quick introduction on Gregorian Chant

How to compose choral music?
A quick introduction to choral composition

Conference Schedule

Friday 20th October

6:00pm Registration
6:45pm Introduction
7:00pm Opening Talk
8:00pm Singing Session I
9:00pm Compline

Saturday 21st October

10:00am Keynote Speaker – Robert Loretz
11:00am Singing Session II
12:00pm Angelus & Lunch
1:00pm Workshop
2:00pm Keynote Speaker – Ronan Reilly
3:00pm Singing Session III
5:00pm Keynote Speaker – Robert Loretz
6:00pm Angelus & Dinner
6:30pm During Dinner Testimony
7:30pm Speakers Panel
8:30pm Compline

Sunday 22nd October

1:00pm Keynote Speaker – Ronan Reilly
2:00pm Q&A Panel
3:00pm Closing Talk

Refreshments are available between talks and singing sessions throughout the weekend.

Lunch and dinner on Saturday are provided

Conference Schedule is subject to change

Mass Times

Saturday 21st October

8:00am St. Anne’s Chapel, Traditional (Sung)
3 Cole Place Te Atatu South
9:00am Holy Family Parish, English

Sunday 22nd October

9:30am Holy Family Parish, English
10:00am St. Paul’s College Chapel, Traditional (Sung)*
183 Richmond Road, Ponsonby

* For participants wishing to experience the full Gregorian Propers & Polyphonic Mass setting in its original historical context, you are encouraged to attend the 10:00am Sung Mass at St. Paul’s College.

The musical tradition of the Universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as sacred song united to the words, it forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy.

– Sacrosanctum Concilium 112 –

Music for the Conference

  • Missa Æterna Christi Munera – Palestrina
    (which will be sung for the Sunday 10am Mass at St. Paul’s)
  • Missa Cum Jubilo – Mass IX
    (which will be sung for the Saturday 8am Mass at St. Anne’s Chapel)
  • A selection of Gregorian Chant
  • A selection of simple and beautiful motets for parish use.
  • A selection of Hymns for parish use.

Speakers Panel

We are proud to present you with experts in liturgy and sacred music from both New Zealand and abroad to present you with a wide range of topics. This panel of speakers will assist you no matter where you are in your music ministry.

Rev. Fr. Jeremy Palman (NZ)

Fr. Palman was ordained in 2014 and has been serving in the Diocese of Auckland ever since. He is currently serving as the Parish Priest of Holy Family Parish, Auckland. He celebrates both Forms of the Roman Rite, and is a courageous proclaimer of the Gospel.

Rev. Fr. Antony Sumich, FSSP (NZ)

Fr. Sumich was born and raised in Auckland and schooled at St. Peter’s College. He played Senior Rugby at Marist and coached international rugby with a Croatian team. A senior cricket player and qualified ski instructor Fr. Antony has visited over 70 countries and studied for the priesthood in Germany and the USA. Ordained in 2008 he has worked in Nigeria, Canada, US & NZ and speaks English, Croatian, French, German and is learning Maori. Fr. Sumich is currently the chaplain for the Auckland Latin Mass Chaplaincy.

Rev. Fr. Nathan Pospischil, FSSP (NZ)

Fr Pospischil was ordained a Priest on 24th June 2023, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia, by Most Rev Richard Umbers, Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney. Fr Pospischil is assigned as the assistant Priest of the Latin Mass Chaplaincy of the Diocese of Auckland since July 2023 for his first assignment as a newly ordained Priest.

Fr. Pospischil will give the opening and closing talk for the weekend conference.

Damien Walker (NZ)

Award-Winning Artist and Founder of The Studio of Saint Philomena. With over 12 years of experience in the field, Damien has become a renowned figure in the art world. His artistic journey has taken him across Europe, where he had the privilege of spending time in Italy, collaborating with top art restorers and conservators. With a professional practice spanning Australia and New Zealand, Damien Walker continues to inspire others through his artistic mastery and passion for creating meaningful and impactful spaces. As a speaker at the conference, Damien will share his wealth of knowledge, captivating the audience with his genuine love for art and his remarkable journey as an artist.

Ronan Reilly (AUS)

Ronan is one of the founders of the Australian Sacred Music Association, and is currently the publicity officer. He frequently travels around Australia & New Zealand, conducting workshops in Sacred Music, in schools and parishes that are keen to learn about their musical heritage. He currently serves as the choirmaster of St. John Henry Newman Parish in Melbourne where he resides with his wife and children.

Dr. Robert Loretz, PhD (NZ)

Dr. Loretz is the former Head of the Music in Massey High School, Auckland. He was awarded the New Zealand’s Most Inspiring Teacher award in 2011. He holds a Masters degree in Music as well as a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Auckland. Robert is an extraordinary speaker and an accomplished church musician.

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